Gemini has a hidden option for "funnier" responses

As we live in the days of big tech companies fighting for the market share of chat models, Google’s Gemini, once known as Bard, possesses a feature called “Modify Response.” This feature enables users to manipulate responses, making them shorter or longer, simpler or more casual or professional.

Interestingly, if you go ahead and take a look at the HTML of the Gemini page, you will find a hidden button for funnier responses. Exploring this option, I wanted to check if it is indeed funnier.

To start with, I provided the following prompt:


And Gemini produced the following joke:

Normal Answer

Inspecting the Modify Response element, one can locate the hidden button.

Hidden button

Removing the style makes the option visible:

Funnier option

Clicking that button, Gemini produced the following response:

Funnier option

It seems like Saturday Night Live screenwriters can live for a while without the fear of being replaced by AI.